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As an Obeya Specialist do you want to help your colleagues make their Obeya a success?


Looking for the next level after completing Foundation and Facilitator? Then this training is for you!


After preparing on your own, you follow two days of intensive training in which you learn how to explain Leadership with Obeya to others and how to effectively guide teams in setting up their Obeya. LWO Specialist I has been completed.


You will then work with a team on your own and show that you can do it. When you take this step, you keep in touch with us for consultation, reflection and coaching.

If you can show that you can create a successful Obeya, you will receive the coveted 'Leading With Obeya Specialist' certificate! This completes your LWO Specialist II.


Expect a lot of interaction, reflection exercise and practical Obeya examples.


For whom?

  • This training is intended for coaches who want to help others get started with Obeya
  • Completion of LWO Foundation and Facilitator is a prerequisite
  • Participants are expected to have sufficient seniority and capabilities to guide teams through a change like this
  • Condition for participation is an intake with the trainer


What are you going to learn?

  • Approach to getting started with Obeya using Leading with Obeya's 7-Step Approach
  • Tools, tips & tricks for every step
  • You learn to use the LWO reference model further as a coaching model, also for implementations
  • Experience how to guide a team to a successful start with Obeya
  • Practical tips for setting up physical and virtual Obeya


Results of the training

  • You have learned to help other teams get started and improve their Obeya based on the Leadership with Obeya method

Leading With Obeya Specialist

Excluding Sales Tax


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