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Obeya training

Improved way of working and better outcomes for your leadership team

As a coach or manager, you naturally want to ensure that work is done as effectively as possible at management level. Leading with Obeya has been specially developed for this. It is a method for coaching and leadership. We teach you and/or your team how to use Leading with Obeya.

These clients apply effective leadership skills

The Leadership with Obeya method is an effective method for many different types of organizations and industries to apply effective leadership and improve business results. Below are some customers who have already preceded you.

Better leadership with Obeya

Obeya training: learn to apply the method

Obeya Team Kickstart: Get started right away

Leading with Obeya is a unique method. It focuses on the concrete translation from strategy to implementation. In one room, at a glance, the strategic direction is linked to goals and project progress. Short and effective consultation structures allow the team to prioritize and make the right decisions. 98% of the teams that started with us have improved their working method and are still working with Obeya.

Do you want to improve your Obeya skills and coach other leaders in this? During our training courses, learn together with participants from other organizations how you can practically use Obeya.


All aspects of leadership in the Obeya are discussed. With three training levels and a team of certified trainers, ObeyaCoaching provides you with the right knowledge and skills to increase the effectiveness of leadership teams.

Based on your strategy and daily practice, we set up a ready-to-use Obeya in three days with your management team.


During these days you will learn what Obeya is and apply our method directly. In the period after that, we help you to further familiarize yourself with the method and to avoid pitfalls.

Leading With Obeya

Get to know Obeya

An Obeya is a powerful visual instrument. To know what it means to get started with Obeya, you have to experience it. Come and take a look at our Obeya studio where we work with both virtual and physical Obeyas. Online or on location you will learn everything about the method, our training and coaching options and you can ask all your questions.

Learn about others' experiences at the Leading with Obeya - Network

Want to learn more about working with Obeya by hearing hands-on experiences from others? This is possible within the Leading with Obeya (LWO) - Network. Best practices are shared here for working with Obeya. By joining the network, you gain access to an online platform and are invited to various informational events.

What makes Obeya Coaching so effective?


Principles explained on paper alone will not help you. We are specialized in bringing back the essence of leadership. No-nonsense and practical. We teach you techniques that you can apply immediately.


A method is only effective if it is focused on the long term. For us, success is sustainable building towards increasingly better organizational results. So whether you act from a commercial or public interest: we aim for sustainable results for your organization and the world around us!


Organizations grow, change and become increasingly complex. This requires a different leadership style. We teach you how to regain focus in your management team. You have an overview of what is going on and what is important. Prioritizing becomes easier and decision-making is effective. This way you will achieve visibly better results together.

Set up an Obeya yourself

Starting with Obeya means setting up a (physical) space. Different materials are needed for this. Are you curious which parts belong in an Obeya? Or are you simply looking for templates that you can use within your company or organization? You can contact the Leading With Obeya Network for handy downloads, templates and materials. Click here for more information or to sign up for free.

Any questions?
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Not sure yet whether Obeya can be a supplement for you? Or do you have questions about what we can do for you? Feel free to ask them via the contact form or send an email to


Do you prefer to talk to others who use Obeya?

Then join the Leading With Obeya (LWO) Network and join the next meetup!

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