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Obeya training for you

You want to better understand what Obeya can do for you in your work as a manager or you want to know as a coach or facilitator how you can support other teams with Obeya. Our training courses are available for individual participants or as in-house training.


The Foundation training is very useful if you have a management function or a coaching or facilitating role. The Facilitator training is aimed at facilitators and coaches and the Specialist training is really only for coaches. Usually these are Lean or Agile coaches.

Three training levels


For individuals and teams who want to get started with Leading with Obeya. Also available as e-Training.

You need this training to follow the rest

Foundation (1).png

For coaches and facilitators who want to learn how to effectively facilitate teams in their Obeya sessions

You follow this training after LWO Foundation

Foundation (2).png

Training and practice for the coach who wants to help other teams start with Leading with Obeya.

You follow this training after LWO Facilitator


Obeya Team Kickstart

Our 3-day: training, strategy session and change process in one, for the whole team.

For teams that want to get started with Obeya to lead their (part of the) organization. You will all learn the fundamental aspects of using Obeya while building your Obeya at the same time. The end result after three days of hard work: the fundamental set-up for your Obeya is ready, and you and your team know what Obeya is and how to use it. We will also provide support during your first sessions to get you started smoothly.

Get coaching

Our coaches, facilitators and trainers are certified and have many years of (international) experience with Obeya.


Have you started Obeya yourself or are you going to start soon? Do you have questions, do you get stuck or do you want someone with a lot of experience to support you? Obeya Coaching & Training is here for you. You can book one of our coaches per hour or purchase a strip card that you can use over a longer period. You can request more information about our coaching support without obligation via the contact form.

Understanding and Using Obeya

Our training courses are a combination of explanation about (Leading with) Obeya and direct application in practice.

A good understanding of Obeya is crucial for a successful approach. Working with Obeya is about much more than just the room. To work successfully with Obeya, you need to understand the underlying principles, know how to visualize things and understand how to guide a team in learning a new way of working.

At the same time, practicing with different practical situations ensures that the matter comes to life. So you can get started right away with us and you will receive many practical examples!


Working with Obeya is about much more than just the room. To work successfully with Obeya it is important that you understand the underlying principles, know how to visualize things and how to guide the team in having effective sessions.


In our training courses we work with small groups in which a lot of mutual interaction takes place.


Our combination of theory and practice and highly experienced trainers ensure that you have a solid foundation to get started with Obeya.

Satisfied customers

“Powerful workout. Not only getting to know the concept and the basics surrounding Obeya, but also touching on the preconditions processes, which have a key role in working successfully in and on an Obeya.

— Petrie Velthof, Police

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