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Obeya Coaching & Training:
vision and network

We strive for a better world through better leadership.

Obeya Coaching & Training has specialized in Obeya since 2016. Lead trainer Tim Wiegel has developed the Leading with Obeya method and elaborated it in his book of the same name. This book has been translated into several languages and the method is applied worldwide.


We have an international network of experienced and certified coaches and trainers. We use these to help other coaches and teams get started with Obeya. We do this from shop floor to boardroom.


For example, we can start with one team at an organization, but we are experienced with scaling up on multiple teams and organizationals layers with  the Obeya Team Kickstart.

Obeya Coaching & Training uses the Leading with Obeya method and thus makes leadership teams aware of their impact and performance.


We help organizations become more effective in setting and achieving their strategic goals. By using the method that helps to work with strategy in a practical way, teams are better able to make a positive impact.


We are happy to support organizations whose primary goal is to make a sustainable and social impact in the form of reduced rates or free coaching and consultancy.

The Obeya training studio

Working with Obeya is an experience. Our training rooms are therefore set up like real Obeyas, equipped with all possible facilities. In this way you can gain practical experience with us directly with physical, virtual or online Obeya.


In addition, we also provide impactful training using virtual Obeya. From our own training studio with professional image, light and sound, we can provide online training in all time zones.

Our own Obeya: social and sustainable

Obeya Coaching & Training makes social and sustainable impact:​

  • We sponsor Trees for All and Unicef Business Buddies with the sale of our products

  • We think about the environment by offering vegetarian lunches

  • All our coffee products, snacks and refreshments are organic, have a low footprint and are fair trade where applicable

  • When we print, we only do this on recycled FSC paper and Paperwise paper, which is made from vegetable agricultural waste. 


4 Trees per participant in our training

Are you participating in one of our Obeya training courses? Then we plant four trees for you via Trees for All. In this way we contribute to the restoration of nature, biodiversity, support local communities and compensate for CO2.


Investing in the leaders of the future

We want to give the leaders of the future every opportunity to develop, profile and work for a better world. This is especially important in countries where there is a need for good and conscious leadership. That is why we are proud to be a Unicef Business Buddy since 2020.

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