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This training is as much about leadership as using the great room. We show participants how the essential tasks for leadership are taken up in the Obeya. For management, leaders at every level of the organization, coaches and those interested in the topic.


Who is this training for?
The training is for anyone interested in working with Obeya. You will learn the fundamental aspects of using Obeya. Managers, people in support functions, self-managing teams, coaches and facilitators can all benefit from this.


Results of this training

  • Insight into the principles behind Obeya
  • Knowledge and skills to use Obeya yourself
  • What it takes to get started on Obeya
  • Experience with using Obeya according to the Leadership with Obeya method

What do you learn?

  • Where does Obeya come from and how does it relate to Lean and Agile working
  • Understanding the essence of leadership, why it is difficult and how Obeya helps
  • We explore the visual parts of Obeya
  • You see and practice with physical Obeya and see an example of a virtual version of it
  • How the LWO reference model works and how you can apply it yourself in your own environment
  • What a process to start with Obeya looks like

Interested in dedicated training for your team? Have a look at the Leading with Obeya Team Kick-start.

Leading With Obeya - Foundation

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