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Leadership with Obeya / Leading with Obeya Foundation e-Training is now live!


This Obeya training is the e-Training variant of our two-day live Obeya Foundation training. In total, this e-Training has between 8 and 16 hours of material, exercises and reading pleasure in store for you. This lays the same foundation as with the LWO Foundation live training. After completion you will also receive your LWO Foundation certificate.


What is Obeya?

Obeya is a very effective way to collaborate with your team. Characteristic of the Obeya is the large space in which the team visualizes everything that is really important to them in order to see, learn together and thus arrive at more effective decision-making and actions.


The Leading with Obeya method teaches you how you can use Obeya to effectively lead your organization or teams.

How do you translate your team's strategic plans into something that you can already achieve results with on Monday? How do you prevent reactive fires or beautiful plans that end up on the shelf? How do you get rid of those boring ineffective meetings? Those are some of the questions we answer in this training.


What you get with this e-Training:

The approach of the e-Training is to give you an interactive experience in which you get both theory and reflection on practice. You also get access to materials that you can use yourself.

👉 Direct access to all e-Training modules

👉 The book 'Leadership with Obeya'

👉 An Obeya starter pack sent home with tools, templates and titles for your own Obeya

👉Exclusive online access to handy digital Obeya templates and materials

👉 The Reference Map of Leadership with Obeya Model

👉 2 hour Q&A live session with the trainer

👉 Upon successful completion, your Leading With Obeya Foundation certificate!

Leading with Obeya e-Training

Excluding Sales Tax


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