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Getting to Know Obeya

Obeya's power only becomes apparent when you see it. That is why we offer to take a look at our virtual and physical Obeya. We will answer all your questions about Obeya in a no-obligation appointment of one hour.

Free introduction to Obeya

Leave your details below for a no-obligation online appointment. We are happy to give you and/or your team a short online tour and answer your questions about Obeya.

After completing the form, we will contact you to schedule a suitable time.

Thank you, we will contact you!

What is Obeya?

Literally, Obeya means 'room' in Japanese (so not war room). What initially stands out are the visual aspects in an Obeya. But the thinking and working methods associated with the creation of these visual aspects are many times more important than hanging reports on the wall.

The Reference Model helps to indicate what happens visibly and invisibly in an Obeya for leadership teams.

Leading With Obeya - Reference Card_NL_A4.png
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