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Virtual Obeya - tooling comparison

What do you do with your physical Obeya wall when everybody's working remotely? How will you keep the richness of context creation that you have on a life-size physical wall if you have to move to a digital Obeya?

What's important for a virtual tool

In order to facilitate our brainprocesses, it's very helpful to make a virtual Obeya look as much like the real thing as you can. See an example of what that looks like in this blog post.

You need a tool that will allow you do to context-sharing with your team virtually as much as you would if you were in the room. These context sharing tools quite literally start with a blank slate, just like you would on an empty wall or whiteboard.

From there you start building the visual representation of your organizational system by putting the purpose on the wall, identifying objectives and key results (OKRs) if you use those, visualizing your roadmap and portf