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Getting Started with Obeya

Are you ready to start your Obeya adventure? Did you know that 100% of the teams we have helped indicate that their way of working has improved? If you need help, guidance or a sparring partner for your Obeya, read about the options below.

If you want to get started without guidance, on you will find useful materials and templates to get you started.

For teams


Successful start: Obeya Team Kickstart

We have the Obeya Team Kickstart especially for teams that want to start with Obeya but do not yet have enough knowledge, experience or capacity to do so. This is a training, workshop and strategy session in one.


In three days we will get your team off to a flying start. Afterwards you will have an Obeya equipped for your team that is ready for use.

For coaches

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Sparring with an Obeya expert

Our coaches, facilitators and trainers are certified and have many years of (international) experience with Obeya.


Have you started Obeya yourself or are you going to start soon? Do you have questions, do you get stuck or do you want someone with a lot of experience to support you? Obeya Coaching is here for you. You can book one of our coaches per hour or purchase a strip card that you can use over a longer period. You can request more information about our coaching support without obligation via the contact form.

Increase your knowledge of Obeya

Obeya Coaching has been providing Obeya training courses at home and abroad since 2018 and these are very well appreciated. We have an extensive training program. Whether you want to understand the basics of Obeya, want to coach or facilitate your team better or want to learn how you can help other teams get started with Obeya, it is possible with us. Upon completion of each training, you will receive a Leading with Obeya certificate as an acknowledgment of your knowledge and skills. Also good for your resume!

Request services

Fill in the form for a quote, introduction, intake or more information about a specific service.

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