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Haal het beste uit je team met LWO Foundation

3-Day training, strategy session and change process, all in one

Create a culture of collaboration and ownership by having your entire team start with Obeya all at once. With streamlined processes, clear responsibilities, and improved collaboration, you can work faster and more effectively.

In just three days, we'll help your team effectively kickstart Obeya. The result? A ready-to-use Obeya for your team!

​In addition to a ready-to-use Obeya, you will receive:​

  • The LWO Foundation Certificate

  • More effective new meeting routines

  • Access to exclusive templates and tools

  • Improved alignment within and between teams

  • Increased focus on strategic goals

  • Faster response to changes

  • Better insights and increased decisiveness

  • Development of leadership capabilities

  • More trust and collaboration

  • A rewarding and enjoyable experience


Start Obeya with your entire team!

Our in-house Kickstart combines the Obeya Foundation training for the entire team (or multiple teams within the organization) with customized strategy sessions and coaching for effective implementation.


Learn the power of collaboration, develop strategies, and transform your organization with Obeya.


Wist je dat visuele informatie tot wel 60.000 keer sneller wordt verwerkt dan tekst?


80% van de mensen onthoudt wat ze zien of doen in plaats van wat ze lezen of horen.


Mensen onthouden na drie dagen slechts 10% van wat ze lezen, en wel 65% van wat ze zien.

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"Instructive training for organizations that truly want to change and elevate their teams to a higher level."

Direct results

"Learn methods that you can immediately apply and see results as early as Monday!"

  • Better alignment: on strategy, both with other teams and within the own team

  • More effective meetings: prioritizing important matters, discussing them effectively, and ensuring clear ownership

  • Enhanced insights: avoiding biases by utilizing available visual context and working with facts instead of assumptions

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2022 09-13 Obeya_Coaching_webres-251.jpg

One room, one strategy, one mindset

  • Development of people: Developing leadership and coaching capabilities within the team

  • Trust and collaboration: Visualization promotes transparency, and continuous dialogue builds trust within the team

  • Rewarding and enjoyable: Achieving effective changes, visible results, and more enjoyable meetings

More benefits

3-day program

Increased depth and content in a complete transformation 

Proven method

100% of companies experience improvement 

For the whole team

Getting everyone aligned and on the same page immediately

Globally recognized

Our course is certified and globally recognized.

From the expert

Developed by the author and creator of the LWO method

Big or small

Applicable within any organization, regardless of size

Femke M.

"How awesome when decisions made by executives and the value created by the workforce mutually reinforce each other to the fullest extent."

Andy R.

"A good mix of concepts and practical application to reinforce the concepts."

Mirel B.

"A great way of delivering training, very consistent and straightforward."

A selection of our satisfied clients

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